Chris Wellock


Recruiting across Asia and Australasia since 2006

An explorer, Chris lived in the U.K, U.S and Japan before finding a permanent home for himself and his family in Melbourne. Having worked with people from a multitude of different countries, cultures and backgrounds he has successfully filled complex search assignments by utilising these unique insights.  Building on his experiences across the globe Chris has partnered with businesses throughout Australia to help launch and grow their teams across Asia.

Learning about the business and its people is the first step to finding likeminded, talented candidates who share the same vision and values. No matter which industry, or country you work in, the same methodology applies – listen and learn, share the story and match the common goal.”

It’s not all work though. In his spare time Chris is a mean golfer (figurative and literal), enjoys time with his kids and supporting the New England Patriots… Go Pats!

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Neil Chandaria


Developing strong global networks since 2007.

Neil began his career in recruitment in the UK completing significant assignments for major blue-chip organisations. After working in online advertising Neil moved to Melbourne and continued his successful career in recruitment. He has built relationships with a variety of clients from the not-for-profit, commercial and governmental sectors across Australia, New Zealand and Asia   

Today, with experience recruiting throughout three different continents, Neil understands that cultural fit is paramount.  It isn’t about the present it’s about the future, getting to know the organisation and the individual; ensuring motivations and drivers are understood and aligned.

one size doesn’t fit all!  We are all individuals and all organisations are unique; take the time to understand…be honest and open.”

Outside of Advance Careers, Neil is a keen home brewer and dreams one day of owning his own brewery…a recruiter who likes beer, that’s not a stereotype at all!

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Joel Melbourne

Senior Client Solutions Manager

Spending many years in the FMCG Industry Joel decided to pursue his passion for sustainability and renewable energy by joining Advance Careers.

Joel has an extensive experience in Account Management, Business Development, Networking, and Customer Experience.

Having lived and travelled throughout the UK and Europe, Joel has gained a wealth of experience in cultural diversity and an appreciation for multi-cultural backgrounds and attitudes.

“It is fantastic to be working in such an exciting, diverse, and important industry! I feel extremely grateful to be working in an area that will help to provide a brighter future for our loved ones and our planet!”

Joel spends most of his time on weekends with his young children, attempting to grow vegetables, cooking and listening to his ever-growing record collection.

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Daniel Maloney

Client Solutions Manager

What Daniel brings to the recruitment space is raw industry experience. He went from starting in a warehouse management position, to delivering some of Australia’s largest PV projects at the time. He’s made sales calls, closed deals and managed projects. He’s able to provide an in-depth understanding of what operations’ in the renewable energy field need from an internal perspective.    

The pivot to recruitment with Advance Careers has seen him bring this industry experience in order to service other renewable energy operations as they grow and expand. He has an understanding of what a given role in an organisation needs as he’s either worked it himself or alongside it.

“Something I’ve seen time and time again is renewable energy industry luminaries get the commercial side of things humming along, but really struggle to grow their organisation with the right people once they reach a certain size. This is crucial to ongoing success, and it’s best to bring in experts to guide this process.”

When not in the office, you can often find him in a yoga studio or at the gym attempting to stay sane. You will also find him in the kitchen exercising a keen interest in wholefoods and cooking, paired with supplies raided from a local craft beer and wine establishment.

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Lionel Lim

Client Solutions Associate

Lionel is an all-round recruiter who has worked with a plethora of industries.  Having lived and worked in Singapore, Lionel has experience recruiting across South-East Asia which has given an appreciation of corporate cultural diversity. Having learnt from different recruitment leaders, he aims to utilise the skills and knowledge gained to benefit both clients and candidates to achieve their goals.

“Having an excellent team dynamic can produce wonders no matter how big or small the team is. It is essential that everyone in the team has a similar goal and work towards it. I am proud to be recruiting in the renewable energy space and would like to do my part and hopefully to leave the world a better place when I first arrived.”

When out of the office, Lionel spends time with his wife and their Toy Poodle, Fluffie!  Aside from that, he enjoys playing tennis, computer games and watching war, medieval and sometimes horror (unless it is too scary) movies.

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Shaun Sng

Client Solutions Associate

Shaun Sng is a seasoned professional with over a year of dedicated recruitment experience specialising exclusively in the renewables sector. Throughout his career, Shaun has played a pivotal role in the recruitment landscape, collaborating closely with developers and OEMs, and his expertise spans the entire project life cycle of renewable energy projects.

Shaun brings to the role a wealth of knowledge in renewable assets and development, showcasing a deep understanding of the intricacies of the industry. What sets Shaun apart is his commitment to fostering meaningful connections. He derives immense fulfillment from aligning exceptional candidates with their ideal roles within the renewables sector.

More than just a recruitment professional; Shawn’s a facilitator of impactful careers in the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy. When not recruiting, Shaun is a skilled and passionate barista, finding joy in crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

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