Chris Wellock

Chris Wellock


Recruiting across Asia and Australasia since 2006

An explorer, Chris lived in the U.K, U.S and Japan before finding a permanent home for himself and his family in Melbourne. Having worked with people from a multitude of different countries, cultures and backgrounds he has successfully filled complex search assignments by utilising these unique insights.  Building on his experiences across the globe Chris has partnered with businesses throughout Australia to help launch and grow their teams across Asia.

Learning about the business and its people is the first step to finding likeminded, talented candidates who share the same vision and values. No matter which industry, or country you work in, the same methodology applies – listen and learn, share the story and match the common goal.”

It’s not all work though. In his spare time Chris is a mean golfer (figurative and literal), enjoys time with his kids and supporting the New England Patriots… Go Pats!

Neil Chandaria


Developing strong global networks since 2007.

Neil began his career in recruitment in the UK completing significant assignments for major blue-chip organisations. After working in online advertising Neil moved to Melbourne and continued his successful career in recruitment. He has built relationships with a variety of clients from the not-for-profit, commercial and governmental sectors across Australia, New Zealand and Asia   

Today, with experience recruiting throughout three different continents, Neil understands that cultural fit is paramount.  It isn’t about the present it’s about the future, getting to know the organisation and the individual; ensuring motivations and drivers are understood and aligned.

one size doesn’t fit all!  We are all individuals and all organisations are unique; take the time to understand…be honest and open.”

Outside of Advance Careers, Neil is a keen home brewer and dreams one day of owning his own brewery…a recruiter who likes beer, that’s not a stereotype at all!

Neil Chandaria

Thomas S. Daly

State Client Relationship Manager

Energy industry employment since 2013

Thomas spent 25 years travelling the globe whilst working on electronic systems and maintenance projects and is now settled in Sydney NSW. Having lived and worked alongside various nationalities, he has gained the priceless knowledge and experience of people-diversity, with a great appreciation on the equally diverse quality of empathy.

The recruitment chapter in Thomas’ book now has him combine his energy sector knowledge and experiences, his exposure to multi-cultural mindsets and attitudes, together with his own personal experiences as a hiring manager.

This provides Thomas with the ability to place the best person available, and not just the best person to show up!

Having worked in the Australian Energy sector, from brokering and hedging to metering and solar, including power quality analysis, the absolute best performance of any new team member is paramount. The energy sector is a growing and diverse industry that needs to attract that absolute best performer”

Being a dad, trivia and bad jokes, photography and rescuing dying plants from Bunnings are some of the relaxation methods that Thomas uses for escapism and entertainment.