Personal client contact is a deliberate choice

We meet in person wherever possible, call rather than email, and check in on progress along the way. You’ll only ever deal directly with our senior team, so you get the utmost expertise and insight on every project and new hire.

Our History

Advance Careers was launched in 2014 by directors Chris Wellock and Neil Chandaria in Melbourne, Australia. The team draws on decades of international experience in Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Day-to-day, Advance Careers builds networks and knowledge through meaningful client contact. With deeper understanding we truly embed ourselves in our partners’ business. We tirelessly test the market, call or meet up when an email won’t do, and get to really know your unique needs.

On every project and every role, you work only with us. Connecting directly with our most experienced people enables us to find and nurture the best. Truthfulness and transparency are integral to all we do. With Advance Careers, it’s straightforward business. This means researching your industry before consulting, honestly addressing any unique challenges, and actually listening and understanding before responding.

Advance Careers works with multinational companies to source local talent for operations in Asia.

Our people are straight talkers (not tale-tellers)

Over the years, this non-nonsense approach has attracted and retained a group of loyal clients across diverse roles and industries. By truly becoming a part of your team we get to know your particular advantages and what you do – or maybe don’t – need.

How do we tell the story of you?

We really get to know your business and how you plan to grow. So that when we get to market, we can act rapidly, matching your needs with the right candidates. For us, the real value is to develop genuine, long-term rapport and understanding the challenges you face.

We’ve weathered all the storms that you have

From deregulation to natural disasters to the GFC, we’ve seen first-hand how resilience and building relationships helps companies and people adapt to change. Our flexibility means we can embed ourselves into your business to respond to your real needs, on the ground.

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