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Candidate Interviewing Tips

February 17th, 2021

Standing out from other job applicants in an interview process is key to securing your next job. As experts in energy careers, we’ve outlined some of our top tips for interviewing success.

Research is key

Before your interview, spending some time reading the company’s website and LinkedIn page is key to understanding what they do, their culture, and what’s important to them so that you can ensure your responses align with their organisational goals. Reviewing the LinkedIn profiles of the people interviewing you will also help you learn more about them; their background and their core values.

Demonstrate experience with examples

In your answers to interview questions, rather than using buzz words or talking about hypothetical situations on what you would do, give specific examples that demonstrate the required quality or skill. The STAR technique can help you do that, which stands for:





The STAR method involves describing a Situation, the Task, the Action you took, and the Result achieved. It helps you tell your story in a way that will give the interviewer an idea of how you could act in the future, based on your past behaviour and performance. Come prepared with STAR examples to discuss in line with the requirements in the job advertisement.

Use descriptive language

When talking through your experience, provide examples that clearly convey what your role involved. Use ‘I’ or ‘me’ rather than ‘we’ or ‘us’. Using ‘we’ becomes confusing for the interviewer to work out what you did, as distinct from your team. Make it easy for the interviewer to distinguish what your role was in delivering the outcome.

Build rapport

The interview is your opportunity to build a relationship and stand out from other candidates. Some candidates make the mistake in believing their work will sell itself – as well as your experience, people buy into the relationship and whether they enjoyed the discussion with you. Be personable, smile, and share a little bit of you but keep it professional. Remember you’re selling yourself in an interview!