Why its so important to stay in touch with your recruiter

21/03/2019 - Posted In: Careers By Chris Wellock

Every single day we meet new people and uncover new opportunities and it is with this constant interaction that we are able to connect great people together. I wanted to reach out to everyone that has supported Advance Careers because life moves so fast! Throughout our globe trekking we are finding lots of new ways to add value which can potentially be of interest to you!

Our valued clients are sending us interstate and overseas on fact finding excursions, market mapping and general recruitment assignments. We are covering serious miles and really enjoying the opportunity to meet with a diverse range of professionals.

I am reminded that trust and relationship are so important to a partnership, with our clients choosing to come to us instead of using a ‘local’ service. In Taiwan for example, we really proved that our knowledge of the client’s business was second to none, opening up discussions with a unique market and providing information that had never been seen before.

It is interesting to reflect on how small the world has become and to prove that even as a small business we can successfully introduce global talent to global companies.

At home, we have covered most of the country filling a range of roles from front line operations to back office and senior management positions in sectors such as logistics, FMCG, healthcare, energy and disability. We have also spent a great deal of time talking with, but more importantly listening to, our partners throughout Asia and New Zealand always learning as we do.

As always, we thank each and every one of you for supporting Advance Careers and look forward to more success throughout 2017. And please remember … stay in touch!
Kind regards


Chris Wellock
Managing Partner

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